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[HL2 RP] Help with Application

Discussion in 'Games' started by prgamolvej, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. prgamolvej

    prgamolvej Lemonified

    I can't find a discussion for the HL2 RP server so I post it here. I think the one who past could help me point out what I did wrong and how I could do better next time because I failed. Here is my application:

    OOC Part:

    STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:41256228

    Steam Name: Officer Smart

    Why do you wish to become a Civil Protection unit?:
    I want to try roleplaying as a CP and the character that I created have a story that made him want to be a CP because of his old city.
    Give a detailed roleplaying example with how you would type it out in the chat with /mes etc:
    /me Push the man to the wall. /me Attempt to hit the man with the stun stick /me Open his PDA

    Explain why it is important that you behave correctly in this role:
    I think it is because you are roleplaying as a CP and the job is the CP is to keep the city in order and keep the city safe from anti-citizens. If you don't behave correctly you could ruin other people roleplaying experience because most citizen want to roleplay something with the CP (like me)

    Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?
    I know thing work because first I spend a lot of time reading "The way of the Union" and I also watch many video guide about being a CP and I always like to follow units around and see how they work. I also live in Europe and most units are offline and I can fill in the gap when there are lack of units.

    Will you stay active and try to fill the server and invite your friends anytime you can and have time?:
    Yes, I am already telling my friend about the server and I will try my best to be active.

    What experience do you have with roleplay since earlier? Please give a detailed summary:
    I been involve in many situation earliest was the raping of a girl at Block-F and I was trying to help the CP. What happened is that 2 officer was investigating a bar call "The Pacing Pony" or something like that at Block-F so I went with them to see how they work because I like to see how the CP work and follow them around because that the only to get some RP. When I and the CP arrive we hear a girl scream for help so the CP went to check it out and she said there a raping going on so they went up the elevator but I didn't went with them because I am worry that I might get in trouble so I stay at the front door and help the CP keep people out and tell them that there a serious situation going on. I don't know if they got the suspect but the girl was safe.

    What are your past experiences with Civil Protection characters, give a detailed summary:
    I could just tell the one before but I have a lot of story so I am going to tell the one about my other character Alessandro Smith the brother of my current character who got shot down by the CP because I was trying to join the resistance and was with a Vortigaunt and we were trying to get some weapon and a gasmask and a filter but I don't know who call the CP and I saw them coming and when they come I face the wall and do /me attempt to push back the officer and run away because I forgot he has a shotgun so I does /roll and I think I got 8 so I got shot in the chest and died and now my recent character "George Smith" is writing a letter to the city administrator about his brother death and he want to join the CP because he don't want anything else to happen to his other family member

    How do you works in groups? Can I expect you to fulfill an order automatically and think logical in situations where your training is lacking?: Yes, if there a situation when I have lack of training I will follow my experience instruction and I can fulfill an order automatically because I haven't only been reading "The way of the Union" but I have watch some video on YouTube so I should know most of the thing and if I really don't know I will contact dispatch or other units.

    Try to point out some errors in our "Guide to the ways of the Union", (link) so that we can get some feedback on how to edit the guide for all units sake:
    Maybe you could include a video because people can see example and I think most people are virtual learner

    IC Part:

    Name: George Smith
    Date of Birth: 21/10/1991
    CID: 71994
    Physical Description: 25 years old. Not too short, black hair, look friendly.
    Traits: Friendly
    Relocated from: City 08

    Your letter to the recruitment center:

    Your background story:
    Hello, my name is George Smith. I was relocated from City 08 with my brother but he is now dead because he has been shot by the CP for I think for resisting arrest. I was bron in City 08 since the Union weren't here yet, I used to work at Aperture Laboratory as a security there, when the Combine came the facility was destroy and I have to find a new job so I have a new job at the railway company in City 08. I never have intention of joining the CP until one day, I was working at City 08 train station the City have a lock down so I rush back home and we have a little TV in the basement and we saw that the resistance were attacking the city so we stay in the basement for like 2-3 weeks until one day a group of CP unit took us in a APC and relocate everyone to different city and I got relocate to here, City 17. I heard that the City was destroy and the resistance wipe you and take down the Combine HQ there and all the remaining citizen were force to join the resistance. My brother were gone for a while but he came with me because I found him at the train station.

    Why have you chosen to look for a position within the Civil Protection?:
    I want to join the CP because I don't want City 17 to be like City 08 and I want to help to keep the city safe from many anti-citizens and to protect the citizen. I want to help people and keep them safe from many danger and I want to show the people that the Union is good and always want to help us not to slave us like many people think, I want to show that I want to help the Union because the Union give so much to me and its time for me to help the Union out by joining the Union.

    Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?
    I will do my best at my job and loyal to the Union and obey the higher rank. I want to join the CP not because I want to beat up citizens but I want to help them and make City 17 a better place even I am just a recruit I can make City 17 a better place so please accept me, I promise I will do my best at my job, thank you.
  2. Cave

    Cave Lemonified

  3. Jonne Bravo

    Jonne Bravo has a hard on over the beatles HL2RP Operator

  4. Cryptic

    Cryptic Settled Lemon

    Does this look like a game to you sir
  5. prgamolvej

    prgamolvej Lemonified

    First of all I am not asking where to post this but what I am trying to ask is how can I improve and give me some feed back and second yes, I think this is just a game what is it to you because I have a life and I can't just think about HL2 RP all day because I have real work to do I come here to relax and play.
  6. AotsFTW

    AotsFTW Lemonified Banned

    Your background story is pretty weak, and your RP examples are way below average. Those are the parts you need to improve greatly.
  7. Jamestaa10

    Jamestaa10 Lemonified

    I agree, your backstory is rather weak and you have little, and I mean VERY little in your RP Example. It needs to be more detailed. Look at some of the others and see if you can get some inspiration.
  8. LiⒶm

    LiⒶm LemunClave

    Give a detailed roleplaying example with how you would type it out in the chat with /mes etc:

    I like/recommend to write out a fleshed out role-play example for the selected whitelist/divison as that shows you are able to role-play in a standard situation etc
  9. Huggable_Commando

    Huggable_Commando Stormtrooper Marksman Academy Graduate

    I find that the /me bit is the most challenging, simply because it's a little vague on what exactly you're supposed to write (maybe it should be expanded a bit)

    What you need to write is a scenario using /me to convey the actions you would take in such a scenario. For example (don't copy this):

    (citizen is spotted running)
    Unit: hold it right there!
    (citizen keeps running)
    Unit: /me draws his stun baton and sets the power to [HIGH] and chases the civillian down the street
    (Unit corners citizen)
    Unit: Face the wall and apply
    Citizen: Never, you fascist faggot!
    Unit: /me swings the baton at the citizen's mangina

    that kind of thing.
  10. HackedNightmare

    HackedNightmare Lemonified

    I agree. The /me's should probably be improved greatly, and the background story could have more detail.
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  11. prgamolvej

    prgamolvej Lemonified

    Ohhh, so that how you have to do it, thank you very much guys

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